About Us

Who is Flight Plate Stamps?

Flight Plate Stamps is a sole-proprietorship business dedicated to bringing the disc golf community a service like no other. 

Flight Plate Stamps is owned and operated solely by myself, Dayne Ford. I am a young disc golf lover who dreams of working with the people and the sport I love.

Disc golf started for me like it did everyone else. My friends dragged me out one spring day to try it for the first time.  I have always been a lover of the outdoors so the sport was intriguing and did not hesitate to go out and buy my first starter set. I was absolutely horrible to begin with, but over time the discs started flying and my scores started dropping. I became utterly obsessed and fell down the rabbit hole quickly. I used to think investing an absurd amount of money into this game was foolish, but today I find myself with more discs than I'd like to admit, my own bag, and my own practice basket out back. Now I am that absurd fool and I am proud of it!

This game has helped me with some dark times in my life. The utter silence that shrouds the mind as you're watching the disc fly is what I find addicting and it's something I have not found in any other activity. Due to that revelation, I am taking disc golf and running with it.

How is Flight Plate Stamps?

Flight Plate Stamps is a partner of We are a subsection of their business model that is solely dedicated to the disc golf community. You can find the same service at for the same prices, but the difference is the investment in the community. Flight Plate Stamps plans to give back to the disc golf community by sponsoring tournaments, giving to disc golf related charities, and possibly sponsoring players in the future! 

Why is Flight Plate Stamps?

I have adopted an entrepreneurial mindset over the years, but no ideas I came up with seemed to be good enough to pursue at full speed. My problem was that I was not focusing on products that are in my fields of interest. When I fell for disc golf and I noticed how fast the community was growing, I knew this could possibly be a golden opportunity to find something to help the sport.

Like all disc golfers I have lost my fair share of discs. I got in the habit early on of marking my discs with my name and number in Sharpie, but I have horrible handwriting and it was such a pain sometimes to try to get it right. After I fell deeper for the sport, I started investing in more expensive premium plastic and I hated taking my kindergarten level handwriting and scribbling all over these new shiny discs. It seemed wrong. Then I thought to myself "what if there was a way to mark my discs NEATLY and QUICKLY?". After lots of thought and research I stumbled across this idea and I was ecstatic to find ink that worked with no problems. So I kicked it into high gear and dedicated myself to creating this service for disc golfers to enjoy to their fullest! 

Welcome to Flight Plate Stamps!