Frequently Asked Questions
How durable is StazOn ink?
StazOn ink is a revolutionary solvent based ink mean for non-porous surfaces such as disc golf plastics. The normal ink you can buy at your local store will not work on most plastics. StazOn is the best ink on the market for disc golf plastics and we like to compare its durability to that of sharpie. As your discs gets beat up, so will the stamp so expect natural ware to present itself! Water will speed up this process as well. 
This is why we recommend everyone buy our Stamp Eraser as this will allow you to erase your old stamp once it becomes ugly and replace it with a fresh, clean stamp!
Are stamps PDGA approved?
Here is what the PDGA says about this topic:
  1. Allowed modifications to a disc after production are limited to:
    1. Wear and tear from usage during play;
    2. Moderate sanding to address wear and tear or small molding imperfections;
    3. Marking with dye or permanent ink.
  2. Other modifications to a disc after production make the disc illegal, including but not limited to:
    1. Modifying the disc in a way that alters its original flight characteristics;
    2. Excessively sanding the disc;
    3. Etching, carving, or engraving the disc;
    4. Adding a material of a detectable thickness such as paint.

Stamps fall under the category of marking with dye or ink as the ink soaks into the plastic and does not alter flight characteristics. Stamps are no different than using sharpie and there are many pros who use stamps on their discs!

How long does production take?
The answer to this question depends. We only manufacture stamps Mon-Fri as we value days off and do not want to overwork ourselves. Expect your stamp to be made within 1-2 business days after your purchase!
If you order on a Friday, your stamp will not be made until Monday. Please keep this in mind!
What if I cannot open my "local device" on my smartphone?
This is a bug that we have been experiencing and are working on solving. We recommend you clear your browser cache, make sure your browser permissions allow access to your storage, and try again.
If the problem persists feel free to reach out to us!
Why aren't there stamps larger than 2" x 2"?
We have tested stamps larger than 2" x 2" and have found mixed results based on the disc. Due to the curvature of most discs stamps larger than 2" x 2" tend to lose consistency. They work just as well on flat or puddle topped discs but once you start using trying discs with more dome the consistency falls off. This is something that we may still end up offering in the future with a disclaimer!
Do you have stamps for the inside of the rim?
No, not currently. Although this is an idea that we think we can execute in the future!
Where are you based out of?
We operate out of the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, but we ship from Iowa!